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Installation with Sapper

Note: The instructions below assume you have an existing Sapper project or you're starting a new project using

npx degit "sveltejs/sapper-template#rollup" my-app

and that you've already added Svelteit like so:

npm install -D @colorfuldots/svelteit

# or if you prefer yarn

yarn add @colorfuldots/svelteit --dev

1. In order to process SCSS files you'll want to install autoPreprocess and node-sass by running the following command(s):

npm install -D svelte-preprocess node-sass

# or if you prefer yarn

yarn add svelte-preprocess node-sass --dev

2. Edit your rollup.config.js file by importing the autoPreprocess plugin like so:

// your other imports
import autoPreprocess from 'svelte-preprocess'
// some other imports

3. Now add the following config to both the client and server sections like so:

  hydratable: true,
  emitCss: true,
  preprocess: autoPreprocess(), <<----- ADD THIS TO CLIENT AND SERVER

4. Add your components of choice in your index.svelte or other files where you'd like to use a Svelteit component like so:

  import { Button } from '@colorfuldots/svelteit'

  on:click={() => alert('Hello Svelteit!')}
  title="Hello Svelteit"

If everything went smoothly, you should see something like this in your sapper app:

Great Success!

That's It! Now you're ready to "Svelteit"!